We aim to ensure that no visually impaired Londoner is left living in isolation.


As London’s oldest charity for blind and visually impaired people, BlindAid works to improve quality of life and promotes independence for Londoners with a visual impairment. We provide individualised practical and emotional support to reduce the social isolation that many people living with a visual impairment can experience.

Our Promise

Ultimately, we focus on building connections and reducing loneliness. Whether through our Community Sight Support Service, or through attending community-based projects, service users can depend upon at least a fortnightly call or visit and an understanding community.

Without BlindAid, many blind and visually impaired Londoners that we support would not leave their home or have social connections with anyone. We promise to provide the support people need.

"BlindAid understands that losing your sight can also be a loss of independence. Thanks to BlindAid, I now have greater independence."

Our services

Our services are designed to fit the holistic needs of our users. Many people diagnosed with a visual impairment may not initially have the coping systems and emotional support needed to negotiate a new, unfamiliar world. Visual impairment can make even the simplest tasks monumentally difficult.

Therefore, we provide an integrated approach, with two core services supplemented by two additional services, to fit the varying needs of Londoners living with a visual impairment.

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BlindAid operates on a strong set of values including trustworthiness, encouragement, integrated support, independence and integrity.

Our Values


BlindAid was established in 1834, and over the last 185 years, we have supported well over two million Londoners.


Instilling a positive, supportive community for visually impaired Londoners  is at the heart of everything we do.

Integrated support

We give people the time they need to come to terms with the loss of their sight and develop the coping strategies they need to thrive. Our services are not time bound, but based on each user’s specific needs. While some service users only need a gentle hand on their journey to independence, others need consistent support.

Passionate & dedication

Our enthusiastic outreach team is dedicated to working alongside our service users offering friendly company,  conversation and practical support as well as information and links to other useful organisations.


BlindAid is and has been since its beginning, an independently funded charity, which allows for greater autonomy and strong strategic thinking.


By constitution, BlindAid is committed to never duplicating statutory services and responsibilities. We ensure that we signpost service users to other sources of support wherever appropriate.

BlindAid Anti-Discrimination Statement

BlindAid is a charity that specifically supports blind and visually impaired people.  As a disability charity we hold longstanding values of upholding and working toward social justice for all people. We are a caring community, operating in the 12 inner London Boroughs.  We work in the most diverse and cosmopolitan Boroughs in our City and our Board and staff team reflect the communities in which we work.  Our charity is naturally an equal opportunities employer.  We are inclusive, anti-discrimination of any kind and we stand against all systemic discrimination. The time for fundamental societal change is now.

BlindAid is an anti-racism charity and we vow to purposefully identify, discuss and challenge issues of race.  We will also continue to challenge ourselves to understand and correct any inequality we may discover and gain a better understanding of ourselves during this purposeful process.

We determine to explicitly and publicly affirm our identity as an anti-racist charity.

We are confident that our anti-racism commitment is reflected in the day to day life and culture of the charity through our policies, programs and practices.  BlindAid encourages all staff and volunteers to feel comfortable that their voices are heard and that each and every person working with the charity is valued.  We operate a continual learning philosophy and we are committed to consistent improvement for the benefit of all.

BlindAid has been supporting visually impaired Londoners since 1834.

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Our integrated approach relies on dedicated, experienced staff and enthusiastic, friendly volunteers.

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Frequently asked questions

We respect that our Service Users are all individuals and therefore each visit will be as unique as the Service User.  Your Sight Support worker can help with many things, including:

  • Warm, friendly conversation and company
  • Emotional support
  • Practical support – for example reading/writing correspondence
  • Providing knowledge on other services and support that may be useful.
  • Providing information on what’s going on locally – for example: social clubs; local outings and events;  local sports clubs and leisure activities; lunch clubs; etc