How we help

We provide an integrated approach to fit the varying needs of people living with visual impairment.

Core services

Sight Support service

Home visits are crucial moments of connection for our Service Users because they are often homebound and experiencing physical isolation. On these visits, our dedicated and caring team of Sight Support Workers, provide emotional support and practical help.

Each visit is focussed on the needs of the individual we are supporting.


Community projects

Social isolation is one of the biggest hurdles in the lives of Londoners living with a visual impairment.

To encourage independence, confidence and social inclusion, we offer free, two-hour classes over a 16-week term, ranging from practical information to personal and creative development.

Additional support

To round out our core services, we provide wraparound services to fulfil additional needs.

Share London

With this new, Big Lottery-funded service, blind and visually impaired Londoners can be partnered with local volunteers to get out of their homes and engage in social activities in the community.

Coffee events

We organise and invite Service Users to social coffee events every fortnight in Tower Hamlets and Southwark to help alleviate social isolation.


At times, we make grants available to assist blind and visually impaired Londoners on low incomes. Grants are subject to criteria and typically up to £300.

We visit around 1000 blind and partially sighted people in the 12 inner London boroughs every year.
We support around 250 people each year at our Community Projects