Our Impact


These are some of the comments that we have taken during our annual service audit calls:

  • “My Sight Support worker encourages me to go out to places and we have lovely chats.”
  • “My Sight Support worker never lets me down and I can talk to her about anything.”
  • “My Sight Support worker gives me confidence to get out and about.”
  • “I suffer from anxiety and depression so visits are very important and it’s nice that someone cares.”
  • “I don’t get out as much as I used to and my Sight Support worker is very important to me.”
  • “My Sight Support worker is always helpful and I am always upbeat when she is here. She makes a big difference.”
  • “In the winter months when you don’t go out so much and you feel more lonely it’s even more important to see my Sight Support worker.”
  • “If I have a problem and I need to talk, my Sight Support worker will listen.”
  • “I really look forward to seeing my Sight Support worker as I live on my own.”
  • “My Sight Support worker helps me with the things I cannot do, like reading letters.”
  • “When I haven’t seen anyone for a week or so it is lovely to get a visit.”
  • “My Sight Support worker is always smiling and helpful and I have confidence in her.”
  • “I am able to speak openly with my Sight Support worker.  He is a lifeline.”