Community Projects

Since 2014, BlindAid has been running Community Projects offering free classes in:

  • I.T. (beginners and Intermediate level)
  • Cooking & Healthy Eating
  • Yoga
  • Art & Craft
  • Creative Writing
  • Zumba

Each class is run for one 2 hour session a week over a 16 week term and we encourage each attendee to come to 2 classes over a whole day.  An especially important part of each day is the social opportunity to meet people and to make new friends, alongside learning new skills or refreshing old ones.

Classes are available to blind and visually impaired residents of the 12 inner London Boroughs and are based in:

We are able to assist with making Dial-a-Ride bookings for those that are unable to travel independently to the venues.


Here are some quotes from Service Users that have attended our Community Projects:

  • “My favourite thing is that it has given me confidence, to go back on my computer to use my computer I thought it was all finished because when I had my operation I couldn’t see at all, but now I have got my confidence back to go back to IT. I can use my email now again- so I am so happy“
  • “All my class people are very good we share as a family ideas and being creative in art“
  • “I enjoyed it because when you are creating new things it’s better for my feelings and speaking to people who have the same problems has helped me“
  • “Excellent class, very friendly and felt so welcome“
  • “I enjoyed working with raw materials in cooking and working in a safe environment. Thanks to this course my skills have improved. I also learnt about equipment that I didn’t know existed- great help!”
  • “I now cook at home every day which has completely changed my life”
  • “I greatly enjoyed both the IT class and the yoga they are both great. The tutors and staff could not have been better“
  • “It has changed my confidence as you are never too old to learn, I have learnt to do pottery and I have never tried moulding before and that has helped me. I think I have done quite a lot in a short time. I used to think that art was just painting and drawing but it involves a lot and variety is the spice of life“


  • “Getting here has been quite hard for me it has been three buses, it was four but I managed to find another route which has really promoted my confidence and I realised I had the ability to say “yeah, you can do this””.
  • “Just being with a real assortment of people that I wouldn’t normally have met is really special”

If you are interested in attending or volunteering at any of our Community Projects, please contact our Project Leader, Clarissa, on 0207 403 6184 or