CCWS & Lantern House refurb

A Peek Inside BlindAid’s New London Office

BlindAid has been delivering support for Londoners with sight loss for over 180 years.  For the past 20 years or so we have worked from Lantern House in Bermondsey Street.   Since the charity moved into the office the décor had not been refreshed.  We interviewed several design companies before identifying CCWS as our design partner.

David Keane (MD) and Amy Elliot (principle designer) were an excellent team fit for our organisation as we share similar values toward our work.

David and Amy quickly attained a thorough understanding of the scope of our joint project and importantly our team philosophy.  They have a collaborative attitude toward the delivery of success. They are super-efficient business professionals who deliver on their promises; as well as both being highly creative and solution focussed.  They became part of and enjoyed engaging with our team throughout our project and their sense of humour matched ours. Their flexibility toward their work increases their ability to foresee and avoid disruptions to business.   Our project was expertly managed by David; the regular project meetings maintained sharp focus and our new office was delivered a little ahead of schedule and within budget.

Importantly, David and Amy hold very high standards for themselves and clearly value their own business reputation. Therefore our local community relationships with our neighbours were safe in their hands when we relocated temporarily during the refurbishment.

The design they created for us is radically different; largely open plan, modern and practical with great use of colour.  Their design elements reflect our culture, brand and values.  It also facilitates how we work together in the delivery of support for our service users.

Being open plan our new office offers more desk space than we had before.  We have just one glass meeting pod, for confidential meetings, that lets light throughout the whole space without compromising privacy.  Our collaborative meeting space is front of house and includes our kitchen.  This creates a warm welcoming ambiance for both our people and visitors alike.  CCWS influence on our space planning has helped our charity culture develop and flourish.

We are totally delighted with the ambient workspace we have achieved with the expertise and guidance of CCWS.

Sue O’Hara