Over many years we have worked diligently to establish effective partnerships with other relevant organisations. Some of our key partners are:

  • The Clothworkers’ Foundation, one of the original City of London Guilds, with a long tradition of providing support for blind and partially sighted people.
  • The Greater London Fund for the Blind, which raises funds on behalf of numerous charities assisting blind and partially sighted people in Greater London.
  • The British Wireless for the Blind Fund, which aims to supply radio and audio sets to all registered blind and partially sighted people who are in need.
  • The London Visual Impairment Forum, which comprises local societies, larger regional agencies and national charities working with, and on behalf of, blind and partially sighted people in Greater London. Its purpose is to listen to the views of visually impaired Londoners, share information and ideas, support collaboration and joint working and encourage a strategic approach to service development.
  • Visionary – Linking Local Sight Loss Charities (formerly The National Association of Local Societies for Visually Impaired People (NALSVI)) supports the goal of independence for visually impaired people by supporting the network of local UK charities for blind and partially sighted people.
  • Vision 2020 UK is an umbrella organisation which promotes collaboration and co-operation between visual impairment organisations within the UK and internationally.  We also incorporate the Vision 2020 ‘Seeing it My Way‘ outcomes framework in our services:
  • EY – We partner with volunteers from EY to provide a Christmas Shopping trip for some of our Service Users:
  • The St Pancras and Somers Town Living Centre – we partner with this organisation to run our Camden Based Community Project.
  • The Urban Tea Rooms – This organisation very generously hosts our Westminster Coffee afternoon.
  • Local groups and organisations which provide company, social contact and informal support for thousands of people coping with sight loss in London
  • Local Councils and particularly their sensory impairment teams working in the 12 inner London boroughs and the City of London.
  • CCWS – We have partnered with this organisation for the refurbishment of our headquarters in Bermondsey Street.